CDCCL - Fuel Tank Safety


The purpose of the CDCCL training course is to provide participants with the technical and regulatory knowledge on fuel system safety. This course covers the notions of Critical Design Configuration Control Limitations (CDCCL) and Airworthiness Limitation Items (ALI) in airworthiness data. CDCCL training course - Fuel Tank Safety: A CDCCL (Critical Design Configuration Control Limitation) is a limitation stipulating the preservation of a particular feature of the fuel system of an aircraft, identified as critical for preventing sources of ignition. In accordance with European regulations, operator and maintenance organisation personnel must be trained in these areas.

Target audience :

Personnel involved in the continuing airworthiness of fuel system equipment.

Assessment of the CDCCL training course :

Assessment by multiple-choice questions.
Participants who pass (i.e. who score 75% or more) are issued with a CDCCL level 2 certificate.

CDCCL training course venue :

Training courses take place at Merville. Other venues on request.

Prerequisites :
CAP (certificat d'aptitude professionnelle) BEP (brevet d'études professionnelles) Industrial Professional or STI (Industrial Sciences and Technologies) Baccalauréat Professional industry experience
Duration :
  • 1 day (8 hours)
Theoretical and practical training programme :
  • Causes of accidents: flammability
  • Technical solutions: inerting
  • Regulations
  • Consequences
  • Assessment and correction