Avionics System Maintenance (MSA) Professional Baccalauréat


Avionics aeronautics technicians can carry out line maintenance and/or workshop maintenance on avionic, onboard electronic and electrical systems. The purpose of this training course is to develop the necessary maintenance technician skills and to prepare for the Part 66 B2 European licence examination

Course structure :
The training course involves :

  • 2 years of Professional Baccalauréat
  • 1 year of additional specialisation

It is done via an apprenticeship as a sandwich course (1 month in-company training and 1 month at the training centre). The additional specialisation allows the candidate to sit the Part 66 European licence examination. A two-year apprenticeship contract is concluded for the Professional Baccalauréat then a second contract of one year for the additional specialisation.

Subsequent study opportunities :

  • BTS (brevet de technicien supérieur)
  • Aeronautics BTS (brevet de technicien supérieur)
  • European (Part 66) helicopter licence
  • European (Part 66) avionics licence
  • European (Part 66) piston engine aeroplane licence

Training course in partnership with the Saint-Louis d'Armentières apprentice training centre

Recruitment :
Recruitment is carried out by the training centre and the host company based on academic record, interview and assessment.

Prerequisites :
Aeronautics CAP (certificat d'aptitude professionnelle) Industrial CAP (certificat d'aptitude professionnelle) BEP (brevet d'études professionnelles) Industrial Professional Baccalauréat "Classe de première" or Science Stream/STI (Industrial Sciences and Technologies)Baccalauréat 17 years old
Theoretical and practical training programme :
  • Mathematics
  • Physical sciences
  • General/aeroplane electricity
  • Digital avionics
  • General/aeroplane technology
  • Mechanics
  • Technical drawing
  • Circuits
  • Structure
  • Airframe
  • Hydraulics
  • Aerodynamics
  • Engine
  • Health, accident prevention and safety
  • Aeronautics regulations
  • Flight instruments
  • Radio navigation
  • General and technical English
  • French
  • Contemporary world
  • Applied arts
  • Physical and sports education
  • Management

approvals aeronautics IAAG is an aeronautics training organisation recognised by the Direction Générale de L’Aviation Civile (DGAC, the French civil aviation authority). The training courses offered by the Amaury de la Grange Aeronautics Institute are recognised by different Civil Aviation Authorities around the world through various accreditations.