bac pro option structure

Aeronautics Professional Baccalauréat, Structure Option

IAAG offers the AERONAUTICS PROFESSIONAL BACCALAURÉAT, STRUCTURE OPTION over two years on an apprenticeship contract.

The purpose of this professional Baccalauréat is to train professionals to work in the sectors of aeronautics manufacturing and aeroplane and helicopter maintenance.

The students first acquire:

  • general aerodynamics knowledge,
  • theoretical knowledge on flight and propulsion.

The aeroplane is studied as a whole from a technological viewpoint (structure, engine and systems).

Students learn about the type and architecture of the components of the different structures (fuselage, wings, nacelles, etc.).

They study the constituent parts, the role and operation of the equipment and electrical, electronic and mechanical systems (propeller, propeller blade, rotor, engine, landing gear, aircraft interior, lighting, communication, flight control, flight instruments, etc.).

Metallic materials, alloys, wooden structures and composites are also studied as part of this training programme.

Building on this knowledge and using technical documentation, the students learn to prepare, organise and carry out technical work in the workshop and to ensure traceability in line with aeronautics regulations and quality processes. This work consists of fitting, removal, integration, modification and repair operations. It also includes inspection operations using diagnostics, testing and evaluation or testing and adjustment operations.

English (technical aeronautics terminology) is compulsory given the importance of this language in the aeronautics sector.

With the Structure Option, the students specialise in working on the metal components and composites which make up the framework and the outer shell (fuselage, wings, etc.).

Those who hold the aeronautics professional Baccalauréat work for aeronautics manufacturers, airlines, maintenance workshops, technical assistance companies, subcontractors, component manufacturers and government departments (defence, civil protection, etc.).


approvals aeronautics IAAG is an aeronautics training organisation recognised by the Direction Générale de L’Aviation Civile (DGAC, the French civil aviation authority). The training courses offered by the Amaury de la Grange Aeronautics Institute are recognised by different Civil Aviation Authorities around the world through various accreditations.