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Job role :
Airframe fitter/assembler technicians fit, assemble and check structural parts to produce aircraft sub-assemblies in line with drawings, specifications and tolerances.

Target audience :
Any person with technical training or significant industry experience who wants to join an aeronautics manufacturing company as a Aircraft Airframe Fitter/Assembler.

Objectives :
To gain the theoretical and practical skills of an Aircraft Airframe Fitter/Assembler.
To be able to fit, assemble and adjust aircraft airframes using a technical manual and ready-to-use parts or parts requiring preparation.
To prepare for and obtain the CQPM AMSA (Aircraft Airframe Fitter/Assembler Metallurgy Qualification Certificate).

Training Resources :
Fully-equipped Aluminium and Composite airframe workshops,
Aircraft airframes, classroom, computer room.

Training Methods :
Theoretical classes, Studying aircraft drawings, Case studies,
Practical work in the airframe workshop and composite impregnation room and on aircraft airframes. 

Training course attendance certificate :
At the end of the course, students have prepared for the CQPM and obtain a course certificate.

Prerequisites :
CAP (certificat d'aptitude professionnelle) BEP (brevet d'études professionnelles) Industrial Professional or STI (Industrial Sciences and Technologies) Baccalauréat Professional industry experience
Duration :
  • 320 hours at the Training Centre and 70 hours in-company training
Theoretical training programme :
  • Reading aircraft drawings
  • Marking out parts
  • Skills update and professional calculations
  • Metallurgy
  • Aeronautics technology and legislation
  • Composite materials
  • Health, safety and respect for the environment
  • Professional technology
  • Quality control
  • Practical work

approvals aeronautics IAAG is an aeronautics training organisation recognised by the Direction Générale de L’Aviation Civile (DGAC, the French civil aviation authority). The training courses offered by the Amaury de la Grange Aeronautics Institute are recognised by different Civil Aviation Authorities around the world through various accreditations.