Premises IAAG


IAAG has exceptional training resources on the site of the Merville-Calonne aerodrome and the Château de la Motte-au-Bois campus.
The technical school has several overhauled aircraft and engines which are used for full-scale practical work which recreate the real environment and working conditions, inside and out.

  • Boeing 727,
  • Caravelle 12,
  • Caravelle III,
  • Learjet 23,
  • Embraer Tucano,
  • Dassault SMB2,
  • Alouette II,
  • Boeing 737NG simulator.

The school also has numerous specialist workshops for theoretical and practical student training including electricity, metrology, digital avionics, basic mechanics, sheet metal working, composite materials and non-destructive testing.

  • 11 classrooms,
  • 3 language laboratories,
  • 6 specialist workshops,
  • 1 computing examination room approved for Part 66 licence examinations.