Amaury de la Grange Aeronautics Institute, which has more than 50 years of experience in aeronautics training, offers a two-week course called the "Pilot/Owner Course". This course includes theoretical classes on regulations, human factors, systems and engine types of aeroplanes, and practical work during which the basic skills required for maintenance are assessed (use of tools and documentation, management of parts, etc.).

Pilot/Owner training course :

The course consists of 70 hours of theoretical classes combined with practical work in real-life situations.

Course assessment :
The Pilot/Owner course combines theory and practice. Skills are assessed using traditional theory tests and practical evaluations. Assessment of skills relates mainly to the quality of and proficiency in the maintenance tasks carried out during the practical work. Each task has certain associated skills which must be used to successfully complete it. Each skill identified is checked and evaluated by the instructor during the course.

Course attendance certificate :

At the end of the course, each participant is issued with a certificate of attendance (on condition that they attended at least 90% of the course) and his/her assessment record.

Prerequisites :
Must be a pilot/owner Must have a minimum level of knowledge in basic aeroplane mechanics Application examined by the academic board before being accepted for the course
Theoretical and practical training programme :
  • Introduction
  • Regulations
  • Human factors
  • Engine + Propeller
  • Aeroplane technology
  • Aeroplane electricity
  • End-of-course test
  • Basic electricity
  • Basic mechanics
  • Wood and Fabric
  • 50-hour-interval maintenance inspection
  • Aeroplane maintenance inspection summary report