Formations courtes de qualifications Embraer 120

Embraer 120

Every technician who has to release aircraft to service must hold the relevant aeroplane type rating. This type rating is obtained via a training course in accordance with the EASA Part 147 standards with the aim of gaining sufficient knowledge to be able to work on the aeroplane completely independently. 

Embraer 120 training course :
  • The Embraer 120 training course includes a mechanical (T1) and avionics (T2) section. It consists of a theoretical part and practical work on aeroplanes (excluding in-service training). 

Prerequisites :
Maintenance technicians working under "Part 145"Candidates must hold a Part 66 or ICAO maintenance licenceThey must be able to read and understand documentation in English.
Duration :
  • 185 hours/5 weeks - In accordance with the new provisions defined by EASE (Regulation EC 1149/2011) 

Training venue :
  • Toulouse-Francazal
  • Other venues on request.
Assessment of the Embraer 120 training course :
  • Assessment by multiple-choice questions.
  • Participants who pass the final test are issued with a Part 147 certificate.